cohen 2

the first couple weeks. march 23 - april 11, 2007

cohen ceiba antonius berg

the first few days. march 27, 2007

pregnancy series

october 8, 06 - march 1, 07


january 10, '07

new year's eve

pictures taken the morning of new year's eve, 2006

basement reno

adding a new bedroom. Nov, 2006

garage demolition

We smashed our old garage. Nov 4-5, 2006

guatemala 05-06

Our trip to Guatemala - September 4, 2005 to April 29, 2006

guatemala fiesta

Thanks to all the amazing folks who came out to celebrate and enjoy the great food, music and fun with us.


We spent a week in Glenbush, SK with Jay & Colleen and her family. July 4-9, 2005.

dinosaur park

After leaving Brooks, we stopped in at Dinosaur Park for a look around. It's this bazaar glacial canyon, that opens up (completely without transition) in the middle of prairie farmland. Most of the dinosaur bones in Canada have been found here. July 4, 2005.

canada day 2005

The Bergs spent the day at a museum for some Canada Day festivities, then went on to the rodeo grounds for jousting and sumo suits.

july long weekend

Camped at Kinbrook Provincial Park (on an island) near Brooks, AB. June 30 - July 4, 2005.

faith outdoor ed exam

The 2005 Outdoor Adventure exam on June 3 & 4.


A series of photos of me and Wheeler when we were in high school.

faith at the edge

A fundraising skateboarding night at the Edge Skatepark.

guatemala 2003

A small taste of Guatemala from our 3 week vacation.

house group

House Group... Goodbye Andy, Beckie, Grace, Elijah and Asher. See you soon.

the wood social

April 2, 2005 - The Vineyard Community says goodbye to Beckie, Andy, Grace, Elijah and Asher.

minaki yurts 04

We stayed with the awesome folks at Minaki Yurt Adventures for 4 days.

the scooter

Our new summer project: restoring this awesome 50-55 year old scooter that belonged to Kris's grandpa.

thanksgiving 2003

This year for Thanksgiving weekend the 2003-2004 Outdoor Adventure class at Faith Academy hiked through the Seton Wilderness Area. We went along as staff and had a great time.

berg christmas 2003

All 21 Bergs came from far and near to Rock Lake Camp to celebrate Christmas this year.

brandon and jack

Our nephews... always an adventure.